ATEMSP Board Approves Texas EMS Scholarship and Relief Fund

The ATEMSP Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of the “Texas EMS Scholarship and Relief Fund”.

The fund will be a 501(c)(3) dedicated to increasing education access for Texas EMS professionals and providing short term relief when needed.

“It’s important to address EMS issues through the public, nonprofit, and private sectors,” said ATEMSP Executive Director Daniel Owens. “The creation of this fund allows us to support the EMS community through the nonprofit sector instead of relying solely on the public or private sectors to meet our needs.”

The scholarship and relief fund immediately heads into the ATEMSP project management queue. Its anticipated operational date is January 2023.

“The next step is to ensure adequate project planning,” said Owens. “We’ll be contacting our national state EMS association network to learn from their experiences and create a plan following their insight.”

The fund is intended to increase education access for both certificate programs, like paramedic school, and degree programs. The relief portion is expected to mirror similar funds, like the TSAFF Emergency Relief Application.

The majority of ATEMSP resources are currently prioritized for the 87th Texas Legislative Session. Resources will be available for additional programs following the Session’s conclusion in May.

The Association of Texas EMS Professionals (ATEMSP) represents the individual Texas EMS professional. ATEMSP is active in state and federal public policy.

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